Surprising Facts About Scientology That Will Blow Your MindThe Scientology is known as one of the most secretive and controversial religions in the United States and in the world. This religion is more popular by its paranoid and mysterious character. And, it is sometimes combined with its connection to some Hollywood celebrities like Tom Cruise. And, this article will show you up several facts about Scientology that you probably do not know.

According to the name of the religion, it seems that this faith has the correlation between science and religion. So, you may not wonder that Scientology is founded by a science-fiction writer. Yup! This faith was founded by L. Ron Hubbard, a science-fiction writer who is considered to hold the Guinness World Record for Most Published Works By One Author. This may be the surprising fact that the founder of Scientology once ever told that he murdered their child. Hubbard is known to have an extremely controversial figure and the church is considered to have adopted as well. When his second wife wanted to leave him, he threatened his wife by kidnapping their daughter and claimed he had butchered the girl, later he admitted their daughter was still alive.

You may not know that the members of Scientology are pressured to talk about their sex life. In the Scientology, there is a process known as auditing. This term refers to the church which asks the members extremely about their personal lives including sex lives. This act is in a form of blackmail as the detailed records. When you want to leave the church, you will be threatened to reveal the information. In addition, this most secretive religion is constantly preparing for the apocalypse. They are building secret bunkers in the woods as the preparation for it. The bunkers have massive vaults with footage of Hubbard and nuclear-proof shelters.

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